Reginald Foreman

I believe there is greatness in every person and that every person can achieve greatness! Why? Because we are all created in the matchless image and likeness of God (Genesis 1:26-27)

My Story

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Reginald Foreman was born in Chicago, Illinois and primarily raised in Alabama & Florida. He lived with several relatives during his youth.  His mother's drug addiction created an unstable and sometimes abusive environment.  This eventually led Reginald to get involved with gangs and engage in disruptive behavior.  


Years after moving to live with his father in Miami, he started hanging with the wrong crowd, and by the age of 19, he was incarcerated for armed bank robbery. Reginald was illegally sentenced to 18 1/2 years, but in 2001 he was released from prison after serving a little over 4 years and he finally started to get his life on track. He was attending church and working as a model citizen. Then in 2004, his life was disrupted in a way that changed everything. He was brought back to prison and told that he had been released by mistake. It was another 4 years before Reginald experienced freedom again, and he was more determined than ever to never see prison again.


Although society would think that Reginald would have been destined for failure, and that could have been his story, he found God and a purpose in his pain. He went on to create an unstoppable empire that is simply "God Made".  And by God's grace he became a Fashion Designer, Author, Empowerment Speaker, Mentor, and Life Coach.  Reginald has been interviewed across various platforms around the world including CBN, 700 Club and TBN Juice TV. He has been featured on the front page of the St. Louis American Newspaper and in 2018, he was honored by Black Enterprise as Modern Man of the Year.


His books talk about his life journey and experiences that influenced the man he is today, and he firmly believes that There's Purpose in Your Pain!  Reginald is now developing a global product that will help empower children across the world… Reggie the Lion… the Positive Affirmation Character!