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Meet Reggie The Lion

The Positive Affirmation Character 



Children Learn Early

Reggie the Lion is a Faith-Based Positive Affirmation Character that speaks words of empowerment to our youth. Our book, toy line, and upcoming cartoon series were developed to help children develop positive mindsets and healthy self-esteems. We want our children to believe before they have an opportunity to doubt; and understand that they were created for greatness! 


Classroom Success

Many times our youth struggle to focus in school because of elements outside of their control. Purpose in Pain is committed to helping our youth to discover the hidden gems within themselves and to assist them in channeling their energetic minds in a positive way. 


Parental Tools

The Adventures of Reggie the Lion Learning Coloring Book is a great resource for parents to use in teaching the importance of making good choices. The principles in the book reflect simple messages to teach children the importance of honesty, overcoming fear, and asking for help. 


The Power of Believing

We believe that children are super heroes in their own right and that every child brings a unique gift to the world. No matter what obstacle they may face, Reggie the Lion continues to remind them that having the right attitude is the first step to accomplishing their goal! 

You Can Do It!

You Are Amazing! 

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Spiritual Guidance

Our passion for Reggie the Lion comes from our belief that we are created in the image of God. All of our products and principles come from biblical teachings. Psalm 139:14 reads "I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made". And not only do we believe this about our children, we work diligently to teach them the importance of self-love and having healthy self-esteems. 


Why Your Donations Matter

Every contribution we receive gives us the opportunity to provide tools and resources to children and parents all over the world. We want to see Reggie the Lion in stores, on television, in movies, and much more! Our children are overly saturated with violence, negativity, and inappropriate images at every turn. We want to take back the innocence of our children by being a greater influence of positive programs and products. 

Donate now to support this worthy cause! 

YOU ARE Wonderfully MADE!